Yokoi Principles

“Reliable quality, good tasting vinegar”
We contribute to our customers’
eating culture and health through providing safe,
high quality products.

Producing high quality
fermented vinegar used by professional chefs

The authentic flavor of Yokoi’s fermented vinegar products are loved by well-established establishments, such as fine-Sushi restaurants and hotels.
We provide a variety of vinegar such as rice, sake lees and apple. Seasoned vinegar and fermented seasonings are also our popular product line.
We continue to invent and improve our fermentation technology, such as Solid Fermentation Method which is still rare in Japan.
Our product line is JAS certificated which proves we only use carefully selected ingredients and it doesn’t contain any GMO.
As the only vinegar producer in Tokyo, we are proud of our high-quality products development and specialized knowledge.

Company Profile

Head Office 4-2-17 Shinkiba,Koto-ku,Tokyo 136-0082 JAPAN
Establishment May 1937
President Taro Yokoi
Capital Fund 10,000,000yen
Description of business Manufacturing and seling vinegar products

The History of YOKOI’S VINEGAR. (Limited Company)

1881 Touzaburo Yokoi moves from Gifu to Tokyo.
He starts to work at a Lumber company.
1919 Mikakichi Yokoi started a business in Kiba, Tokyo.
1937 Mikakichi established a vinegar company.
1952 The company reorganized into a limited company.
Hiroshi Yokoi assumed the post of president.
1966 Chiba Yokoi Vinegar Brewing Co.,Ltd is established Innovated the most sophisticated German plant.
1977 Original release of“Hachimitsu Ringosu”,a pioneer in this market.
1980 Factories certified by JAS .(Japanese Agricultural Standard)
1985 Release of the high grade black vinegar“, Makkurozu”,
made by solid fermentation process.
1988 Relocated Head office and factory in Tokyo to Shinkiba.
Yutaka Yokoi assumed the post of president.
1999 Chiba Yokoi Vinegar Brewing Co.,Ltd is renovated, including additional buildings and a large-scale factory.
2001 Factories certified under JAS standards for organic processed food .(OMIC)
2007 Taro Yokoi assumed the post of president.
2008 Factories certified by ISO9001.
2010 Chiba Yokoi Vinegar Brewing Co.,Ltd launched the new 1st factory and expanded its production capacity.
2015 Yokoi’s vinegar received Halal certification.
2017 We received IS022000 certification and returned IS09001.
2018 Chiba Yokoi Vinegar Brewing Co.,Ltd add the 2nd fermentation plant.