What Is The Difference Between Rice Vinegar And Red Vinegar?
Rice Vinegar made from Rice. Red Vinegar –AKAZU-made from Sake Lees.
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Why Yokoi’s Red Vinegar Has Deep Red Color?
Because we use long-aged Sake Lees as the ingredient.
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What Is The Difference Between Yokoi’s Rice Vinegar And Other Rice Vinegar
Yokoi’s Rice Vinegar is blended with the Red Vinegar in a superb balance.
Akazu provide a uniquely profound taste.
What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?
Minimum order quantities depends on various conditions. Please contact us
Do You Have a Price List?
We do not have a regular price list. Our products prices may change depending on the market conditions, quantities and delivery types. To give you the best service, we require products types and quantities you are interested in.  contact us
Do You Sell Retail?
Unfortunately we do not have any retail sales right now (except in Japan).

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